IH666 - Structure & is too wide for downloading to MS Access (max. 2048 charact.)

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SAP Error Message - Details

  • Message type: E = Error

  • Message class: IH - structuring

  • Message number: 666

  • Message text: Structure & is too wide for downloading to MS Access (max. 2048 charact.)

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  • What causes this issue?

    You have tried to export a list to MS Access.
    You can only export tables with a maximum width of 2048 characters to
    MS Access. For technical reasons, only the entire structure can be
    exported even if you have not selected all the fields.
    If a structure contains more than 2048 characters when you try to
    download (for example, because customer-specific fields have been
    added), you cannot export the data to MS Access.

    System Response

    The data cannot be downloaded to MS Access.

    How to fix this error?

    If possible, export the list to MS Excel as only selected columns are

    Procedure for System Administrators

    The structure you want to export cannot exceed 2048 characters. Note
    that some fields require more characters when they are converted than
    when they are saved internally (for example, separators are added
    between day, month and year for data fields).

    Error message extract from SAP system. Copyright SAP SE.


  • What is the cause and solution for SAP error message IH666 - Structure & is too wide for downloading to MS Access (max. 2048 charact.) ?

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