Chat with PDF
for SAP Professionals

SAP professionals work with installation manuals, configuration guides and user procedures all the time; some of these documents can be 100s of pages. Simply upload your document to ERPlingo and chat with it. Get a summary, step-by-step bullet points, action items and more in seconds.

Chat with PDF for SAP Professionals

Accelerate Your Work By Chatting With PDFs.

For SAP Consultants

For SAP Consultants

SAP installation procedures can be 100s of pages. Upload PDFs and get instant answers and step-by-step details.

For SAP Analysts

For SAP Analysts

SAP configuration guides can be complex and extensive. Simply upload your PDFs and ERPlingo will provide a summary in seconds.

For SAP Users

For SAP Users

User procedure documents are tedious to read and understand. Upload your document to ERPlingo and ask questions.

Supercharge PDF documents With AI.

Unlock Key Insights

Revolutionize your PDF reading and understanding experience. Summarize long documents, extract key details, and find information quickly.

Say hello to a new SAP support experience.

Unlock key insights

Get Answers about PDF Documents

ERPlingo analyzes your PDFs in detail, providing you with insightful answers based on the document content in seconds - and it can do that in 50+ supported languages.

ERPlingo is your personal SAP support assistant.

Get answers about PDF documents

Common PDF Tasks with Quick Prompts

Common tasks include summarizing a long document in seconds, extracting key information and step-by-step action items, getting in-depth explanations or simplifying complex texts.

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Common PDF tasks

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How does Chat with PDF work?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply subscribe to our Professional or Business plans – the Chat with PDF functionality is automatically included.

PDF documents cannot exceed 500 pages or 5 MB each. Also, we monitor and impose limits for usage that is beyond our reasonable usage policy. To increase your limit, please contact our customer support team.

No, we do not use your documents to train our AI. We store your documents on our secure servers, and you have the option to delete your documents at any time.

Yes, you can chat with your documents in any of our 50+ supported language.